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Is it Christmas Yet?

29 Nov

One thing they don’t tell you about college….its HARD! Oh….wait…someone might have mentioned it at one point, but I was really naive. I thought college would be a breeze and I would have a ton of free time. Well I was wrong. I spend countless hours on countless amounts of homework and I am starting to burn out. I can’t take these late nights much longer, I can’t wait untill the day I have nothing to do and all the time to do it. I had a small glimpse of that over Thanksgiving “break”, which was more like an extra day off. Although I worked a lot over break, I had a healthy dose of “me” time, where I just chiled and did whatever I wanted free of distractions. That came to a brutal end sunday night when I had realized I had a crap load of homework still left to do. And that is why I am asking myself…..

Is it christmas yet??

Christmas not only means presents, but it means winter break! The end of the semester, no homework, and plenty of “me” time.

So let the countdown begin….approx 4 weeks left of this crazy homework madness!


Thank You Stumbleupon!

10 Nov

Look what I found on stumbleupon! These are so true!




Does anyone else have this problem??

3 Nov

Whenever I am tired and feel like taking a nap….it sometimes winds up being 3-4 hours long. Well last night around 8 pm I was dead tired so I thought I would take a 30 min nap…..well guess what??? I woke up at 5:45 a.m. and freaked out becuase I hadn’t done any of my homework. So here I am now 2 hours later finishing everything up for the day, but atleast I am fully rested 🙂

Does this happen to anyone else? Or am I just a complete weirdo when it comes to sleep?